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Let's talk.

Need quick copy written for a newsletter, bulletin, press release, feature article, advertisement, or birthday card? Pitch it--and we'll talk about deadlines and fees. 

Have a crazy idea (brilliant-crazy, not crazy-crazy), amazing artist, or budding project that needs to make a big splash? Reach out. We'll arrange for a phone call, skype,  or meet face-to-face for tea to determine how to best move forward.

Stuck staff? Uninspired board? Unmoved audience? I'm happy to build the right team and swing in to stir that proverbial pot.

I respond to email, real-mail, tweets, text-messages, smoke signals, and the occasional tap on the shoulder. What are you waiting for?

Aaron H. Emery -- 41 Lee Ave Toronto, ON M4E 2P1

Email: ahemery@gmail.comTwitter: @aaremery

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